CITILAB did not take a long time to establish its credibility in the eyes of both the patients and the clinicians equally, since its foundation in Rawalpindi on 10th October, 1993. CITILAB is another name of high quality. Owing to unmatched performance and unbeatable reputation, the tests performed in the Lab are recognized at international level. Its certifications accepted to fulfill the admission requirement in International examinations. CITILAB is a pioneer in medical diagnosis and research by introducing modern and latest diagnostic. That is why the clinicians rely on the results performed in the Lab. Education and research institutes. CITILAB enjoys prominence due to dedication of the experts on its panel, hard work of technicians, and honesty of purpose. On its panel, there is a team of Clinical Pathologists, Consultant Microbiologists, Consultant Histopathologist, Consultant Haematologist & Consultant Radiologists, who supervise all the laboratory tests and the resultant reports. Laboratory staff is fully qualified and is selected after stiff selection parameters. They all are supported by latest and modern equipments. CITILAB today is not only a name of a laboratory but also of a mission to serve the ailing humanity, at its platform. That is why, the laboratory is also known as a social welfare organization, the doors of which are open to every deserving, deprived and destitute for help round the clock.